The clan in the third age:

Statistics for the Clan in the Second Age

Economic Speciality: Hunting
Temple: Orlanth
Other Popular Gods: Ernalda Odayla 
Tula Size: 220 hides
Land Use
Grain: 33% (73 hides)Livestock: 16% (36 hides)
Hunting: 50% (110 hides)
Population: 1048
Weaponthanes: 7
Fyrd: 419
Goals: Peace(4) Justice(3) Prosperity(2)
[ Conquest(1) Anti-EWF(1) Rebellion(1) ]
Values: Tradition(5) Caution(5) Authority(2)
Wealth Rating: 14
Threat Rating: 8
Morale Rating: 12
Magic Rating: 3W
Thralls: No
Clan Type: Balanced
EWF Relations: 4
Ancient Allies: Aldryami
Dragons: Negative
Ancient: Uz
Recent: Uz
Neighbors: Bandit allies
Summary of Clan History: We remember back to when Orlanth formed the men into a fighting force to take advantage of the freedom of the Air.
We joined Orlanth when he tamed his stormy brothers, laid down the laws, and founded the Storm Tribe.
We j
oined the Bear Tracking Clan, led by Orlanth's son, Odayla the Hunter.
We fought our most telling battle against the Dark Tribe, who were the trolls.
When Vingkot said to shelter the people of a ruined clan, we agreed, and gave them the same rights we expected ourselves. The farmers became carls, and the warriors were called weaponthanes.
Our most importent allies were the elves, who taught us to call them Aldryami
When Arkat came, we fought against him -- we hate trolls!
We chose not form a tribe with other clans.
When the EWF missionaries first came, we refused to let them enter our steads.
Over the course of the years fighting the EWF, we fought honorably, but not insanely.
When the EWF finally won, we chose to bide our the time until a good day for rebellion came.
Since then we have tended our crops and cattle, and paid our taxes.

This clan was created with the online Clan Generator from   but the output has been modfied to fit this campaign's purposes.