The clan in the third age:

The Narrow Stream Clan Ring (Second Age gaming era) 


Clan Chieftain: Markalor Ortossusson, Runepriest of Orlanth the Leader

Fierce, proud, and heavily bearded, Markalor has been clan chief for nineteen years of his fifty-two year life. He wears a full bear-fur cloak, and in times of war a long mail coat, iron helmet, shield, and a good sword.

His father was chieftain before him, and is confident under his leadership. He is also an excellent hunter.


Miltra Elnorsdotter, Earth Priestess of Ernalda Allmother

This forty-eight year old matriarch is mother to many children and grandmother to many more of this clan and its neighbours.

In her youth she was a year wife nine times (to nine different men), one of them being Markalor.

She is firm but fair in all her dealings, but will go out of her way to reduce the chance of violence for the clan.


Bryggos Iskallusson, Acolyte of Barntar Orlanthson

An old man (fifty-seven) who knows all the plough songs. He hates raiding and war, seeing them as a distraction from the real business of farming. However, when the clan is raided or attacked he is still at his age seen in the front rank of the shield wall, and is indeed one of the fyrdís steadiest members. Brother of Enestaki.


Kollos Markalorsson, Master Hunter of Odayla

The thirty-two year old son of Markalor (but not of Miltra it should be noted), Kollos is quiet but forceful and a master shot with a bow. He shows little interest in following in his father or grandfatherís footsteps, instead preferring the comradeship of his fellow hunters around a campfire to the politics of the clan ring.


Dunorl Flessosson, Initiate of Lankor Mhy

The clanís lore speaker, this forty-three year old is an adoptee into the clan. He is originally from a town and fled from the Empire. He is a very boring man to talk to, but strangely, is an excellent story teller!


Enderos Byrgaresdotter, Healer of Chalana Arroy

New to the ring, the thirty-six year old Enderos is a vacant woman, who was only really elected to the ring for symbolic reasons. It is unlikely she will stay a member for long.


Enestaki Iskallusson, Bronzetongue of Issaries

Younger brother (ten years junior) of Bryggos, Enestaki runs the clan market each season, and also runs trade missions to other clans every few seasons. He also makes a caravan with traders from nearby clans each year, and travels into Empire controlled territory to trade, collect news, and pay lip tribute in the clanís name.