The clan in the third age:

The Narrow Stream Clan Ring (Third Age gaming era)


Clan Chief Oddi Odidsson, initiate of Orlanth.

Oddi is a fairly conservative old curmudgeon – or at least seems so. He is conservative, but more towards the clan’s particular differences in tradition than to standard Orlanthi practice. He can accept and respect that people from different places need to do things differently. However he believes that the clan stumbled onto the secret way to power the Orlanthi out of fealty to the Emperor and back to the freedom that is the natural order. No other Orlanthi outside the clan (except the durulz guardians) yet has that secret, and the time is not yet right to reveal it. When the clan has bred a king, then the time will be right! He has been chief for three years, and is seen as doing an excellent (if bad tempered) job. His father was chief before him, and was also seen as a good chief, so on his death Oddi’s election was unanimous.


Miltre Byrgarusdotter, acolyte of Ernalda.

Miltre is Oddi’s wife. She sees a much smaller picture than he, and places the wellbeing of the clan above any of Oddi’s dreams of future greatness for the clan. She provides the reasoned voice of the clan. She has been on the ring for five years,


Londri Engarnosson, initiate of Lhankor Mhy.

Londri is the Lawspeaker for the clan, as he has been for nearly sixteen years. This old timer married into the Valenstossen bloodline nearly thirty tears ago from outside the clan. He is more liberal that many of his clan mates as he is reasonably well travelled – even having been out of Dragon Pass to Pavis in Prax!


Enothea Oddissdotter, initiate of Esrolia.

Oddi’s eldest daughter, Enothea is married to Orlgandus Hurbusson, head of the Hurbusson bloodline. She takes the grain goddess’ seat on the ring. Not so smart, but thoughtful and fertile (she’s already had four children at the age of twenty – and to four different year-husbands), she is seen as lucky for the clan’s crops.


Enerin Askosson, priest of Odayla.

This thirty-two year old unmarried man is the second most powerful man on the ring – second only to Oddi. He is the clan’s most eligible bachelor, although he shows no inclination to marry yet, and is the clan’s most powerful hunter and warrior. A rising star in the clan, he may become chief in the future, but cares little for that outcome. He is more at home on the hunt, around a campfire, or officiating at his cult’s rites of blood and fur.


Bryggus Monrisson, initiate of Barntar.

Joined the clan as Enothea’s second year husband, and then married her cousin and stayed. Seen as lucky (because of his child with Enothea) and because he is an excellent farmer, and has increased crop yields. He is always an advocate of peace as he hates to see farming inturruped. He will always (an Orlanthi all) support Ernalda’s “other way”.


Leikan Barntadosdotter, initiate of Chalana Arroy.

Peaceful, forthright, and uncritical. She is married to a man from the Squirrel Eater clan, and is looked down on socially by the other thanes. However, they all respect her opinion and compassion.