The clan in the third age:

Other Notable Clan Members

Kagradi Orlkarthsson, Kolati Shaman

A whiney, wizened old man (sixty-five). He is weird, dresses in rags mixed with scrounged/gifted finery, and is known for incomprehensible outbursts. A strange man indeed – but much respected as the clan’s spirit talker. Not every clan has one, so they see him as a blessing, even though he demands some very odd things on occasion.


Butarus Maniskisson, Orlanth Thunderous Storm Servant

This thirty-five year old came to the Narrow Stream clan five years ago with his simple older brother, on the run from the EWF. Adopted by the clan, he has striven to help in any way he can.


Yerestus Maniskisson, simpleton

Yerestus drools and stares all day long. He is good for nothing, and often wonders the tula, seemingly protected by fate as no harm comes to him. He has the rights and protections of a child from the clan. He is forty-two.


Sarask the Dour, Humakt Initiate and head weaponthane

Head weaponthane of the clan, he is not a native to Narrow Stream Valley. He came here ten years ago, and other than he was a young warrior at the time, no-one has any idea of his age. He is dour (hence the name), cold, efficient, and silent - it is known he has a geas that requires his silence each Godsday, but he speaks only very rarely at other times. The only person he is ever seen to speak with at length is Wilms the durulz.


Wilms Webfoot, durulz warrior

Wilms is a youthful durulz fighter who is not even a clan member. He is accepted around the tula as although he is rude and unfriendly, he is also just about the only being alive Sarask has a good word to say about (or to). He also fights with the weaponthanes should the clan be attacked. He does not seem to be poor, and spends about one week in a season away from the tula.


Unstana Yerestesdotter, second weaponthane

Second in command of the weaponthanes Unstana is a friendly young woman (twenty-two) who likes to drink and brawl. She treats duty to the clan as the way to get the lifestyle she wants. She is not really interested in cults, and remains a lay member of several, but initiate of none.