The clan in the third age:

Other Notable Clan Members

Donal, durulz wanderer.

Donal is usually found at Bad Camp, fishing on the stream, or at the chief’s stead trading fish or cadging a bed for the night. He is kind of an outcast from the durulz Featherfalls clan, and is also not quite accepted by the Narrow Stream Clan.

He knows none of the secrets of either clan, as both quickly identified him as a blabbermouth and wastrel, but will claim to know all sorts of things. He is essentially a foil and pain for PCs. He is at least as combat capable (as a thug/burglar/vandal) as any single PC.

Iristhus the Dour, Issaries peddler.

This guy is only an initiate, but is the best market the clan can get. He is honest in his dealings (in that he doesn't actually cheat anyone), but bigoted. He treats everyone the same, but feels that the Narrow Stream Clan are dolts, and that as far as he is concerned the Lunars are right about the durulz. He is essentially a profiteer and actually quite a poor merchant.

Gyffun Bundrusson, leader of the weaponthanes.

Tough, gruff, and actually a pleasant fellow, Gyffun is a warrior who sees clan life as something worth protecting. He learned the hard way – he started out as a mercenary, then became an adventurer, and finally found a home with the Narrow Stream Clan. He is in fact a Sword of Humakt, but never tries to recruit to his cult, or indeed promote it. To him, you either are: in which case you find the cult; or are not: in which case you won’t.

He is not a member of the clan by blood or marriage, but by oath. He is originally from Maniria.

Unstani the Shaman.

A Kolati shaman, Unstani can be found anywhere on the tula, but often more than not at the Clan Barrow, at Sacred Camp, or at the Sacred Doline. He knows all the clan secrets and many others, but is impossible to non-clan members to comprehend. He is powerful, but unpredictable, following the directions of the spirits, not of the mortal world. 

Iskalli Valenstossen, anti-Lunar agitator.

Iskalli can’t wait for the clan to reveal its destiny – he in fact disbelieves the clan secrets – so he agitates for more direct action. He has travelled all over Dragon Pass and, if he was capable, would raise an Orlanthi force to help in rebellion. Unfortunately for him, only a few of the youngest cottars are willing to rally to his cause.

He still will not reveal the clan secrets, as that would invite being made an outlaw. 

Siggurd Byrgarusson, priest of Orlanth.

The sixty-three year old priest of Orlanth. A wise and cunning old man - age has not blunted his blade!

A supporter of Oddi, but a disbeliever in his ideal of the clan forming a tribe and thus making a king. He believes that the clan will be the instigator of a greater thing, but will have no further part in it once it is done.

Chieftain Oddi’s second eldest son, fostered to a cousin in a clan four or five valleys away, specifically to join Elmal’s cult and learn about horses as the clan is weak in horses. This twenty-five year old is a renowned warrior and expert horseman. Well regarded amongst the clan – better than Oddi’s oldest son, but unlikely to ever be elected chief as he is not inclined to become an initiate of Orlanth.

Renedalos is a Lunar sympathiser, and realises that this is not a popular position, so keeps his Lunar loyalties a secret. However, he hopes to be voted onto the council at the next opportunity and then exert an influence against rebellion, and for collaboration. 
Renedalos does not know the clan secrets as he has been away too long - however, he must soon be told, as he is old enough and has been back with the clan for over a year. Once he learns the secrets, it cannot be said how he will act.